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The Ski Bum

Hello, my name is B. Wolf. I'm an artist and an author. I'm a lesbian who loves to play lacrosse and loves to snow ski. I'm a Hufflepuff and an Aquarius. I love to watch hockey and I'm a San Jose Sharks fan (my favorite player is Tomas Hertl). Enjoy my blog full of humor, skiing, lacrosse, hockey, and LGBT pride.

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i literally know nothing about roosterteeth or achievement hunters or whatever the fuck this man is from but from now on he’s my role model

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If a guy ever asks for nudes just keep sending him this image until he stops


Types of Humor: The 5 "S"s


Slapstick: physical humor, as in humor found from physical stimuli or physical reactions. Ex: farts, sex, AFV, pie to the face, Three Stooges.

Sarcastic: double-entente humor, as in humor based off of the ironic difference between literal and intended meaning. Ex: Bert and Ernie,…

Let’s raise children who wont have to recover from their childhoods





Courtenay McKay created a series of posters for the Gender Based Violence Prevention Project (GBVPP) at the University of Alberta to spread awareness about rape culture.

The Gender Based Violence Prevention Project is a new project of the Students’ Union that promotes a campus free of gender based violence. Gender Based Violence exists in both visible and invisible ways on our campus and affects the lives of many University students, staff, faculty, and community members. Through education, awareness, and institutional change, we are striving to create a campus free of gender based violence where everyone can feel safe and supported.”

And, sadly, (while I am not pointing out anyone specifically), 100% guaranteed more than one person that follows me coming across this on their dash disagrees with one or more of these statements.

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What my girlfriend just said to me:



Oh ya I don’t have one…..